The Important Watches auction organised by Sotheby’s included an exclusive selection of 317 pieces from the best watch brands chosen according to their condition, rarity and quality. Total sale including costs: 9 059 063 $ USD, selling nearly 80% of the lots presented.


Lot 134 : Frères Rochat, a pair of bird boxes, sold for 519 000 $ USD. This set is, to our knowledge, the only known combined pair of singing bord boxes signed by Frères Rochat.

Lot 240 : Richard Mille, ref. RM008 AG PT, leather wristwatch bracelet with barrel shape, power reserve and torque indication, sold for $423 000 USD. This reference by Richard Mille is undoubtedly the magnum opus of their entire collection, and to date, one of the most complicated objects ever made.


Lot 156 : Rolex, ref. 5512, that is 525% variation between the low estimate and the final result (62 500 $ USD).

Lot 233 : Patek Philippe, ref. 5167A-001, or 346% variation between the low estimate and the final result (31 250 $ USD).

Lot 29 : Audemars Piguet, that is 323% variation between the low estimate and the final result (423 000 $ USD ).


Patek Philippe
On the first step of the podium, with four watches exceeding the 100 000 $ USD mark, average per lot 35 085 $ USD.

On the second step of the podium, with two watches above 150 000 $ USD, average per lot 38 568 $ USD.

Audemars Piguet
On the third step of the podium, with two watches exceeding 100 000 $ USD, average per lot 89 203 $ USD. This result is based on the high bid of lot 29, above 400 000 $ USD.

These three brands represent a total revenue of 5 512 000 $ USD, or more than 60% of the total sale.


Based on the number of lots, 317 in total, including 63 unsold lots, the average price of a lot was 35 665 $ USD.


This Sotheby’s sale was the most important for this first semester in New York. With a heterogeneous selection of old and more contemporary pieces, we also find the two brands Patek Philippe and Rolex but beyond it is the presence once again of Richard Mille in the highest prices that confirms the good health of independent Swiss watchmakers .


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